Current Concepts In the Management of The Difficult Airway

Hagberg, C.A. Anesthesiology News. Volume 13, Number 1. Published online 17 May 2016

Image source: Hagber, C.A. in Anesthesiology News

Management of the difficult airway remains one of the most relevant and challenging tasks for anesthesia care providers. This review focuses on several of the alternative airway management devices/techniques and their clinical applications, with particular emphasis on the difficult or failed airway. It includes descriptions of many new airway devices, several of which have been included in the ASA Difficult Airway Algorithm.

Guides include:

  • Endotracheal Tube Guides
  • Lighted Stylets
  • Video Laryngoscopes
  • Indirect Rigid Fiber-Optic Laryngoscopes
  • Supraglottic Ventilatory Devices
  • Devices for Special Airway Techniques
  • Positioning Devices
  • Cricothyrotomy Devices
  • Tracheostomy Devices

Read the full review here


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