Rethinking training in airway management

Marshall, S. D. & Chrimes, N. Time for a breath of fresh air: Rethinking training in airway management. Anaesthesia. published online 28 September 2016.

In this editorial, Marshall and Chrimes  suggest that the way in which anaesthetists  conceptualise ‘airway education’ needs to change. They go on to say that while the last two decades of anaesthetic practice have seen a the proliferation of airway devices and techniques, training and maintaining skills in airway management have not necessarily kept pace.

In summary, they write that if anaesthetists are to continue to be regarded as airway management experts, a fundamental shift must occur in both the way they train and retain their skills.

This editorial accompanies an article by Lindkær-Jensen et al., Anaesthesia 2016; 71: doi: 10.1111/anae.13567, A national survey of practical airway training in UK anaesthetic departments. Time for a national policy?


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